Xin Yan(b. 1992, China)graduated from Tianjin Academy of fine arts in 2014 with a B.F.A. degree in comprehensive painting and graduated from Savannah college of art and design, Georgia, the USA in 2019 with an M.A. degree in the painting department. Since studying in university, she has been mainly engaged in the creation and drawing of oil paintings, composite materials painting, and insulation. The specialty at painting portraits. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles,CA.


Artist statement

      My work contains my stories growing up in China and then moving to the United States.  My stories  are my past, my present, and my future.

     Myself-portraits   are a cultural critique  on standards of human  beauty that are imposed  on us. Implied in the work are these questions: " Does this  inculcation  work for me ? Do I need this? 

     In my paintings, when I distort  my face and my naked body, I am regarding the  actual  changes, including at times even surgery, that  I have made to my face and body to conform to some standard beyond what nature delt .  I think about  the relationship between men and women. I think about  women wearing the right clothes  and make-up to attract men, but what men really want to see is what’s underneath. This is a dialogue that I have with myself, a  continual  exploration of  emotional tension in my own psyche through painting.



Xin Yan


11/15/2019 M.A. candidate at Savannah College of Art and Design- painting
07/01/2014 Bachelor of Fine Art, Tianjin Academy of fine arts-comprehensive painting

Work Experience

2010-2011 drawing TA,Tianjin, China
2014-2015 drawing TA, Tianjin, China



  • SCAD Winter Showcase, 2019 ,Savannah, GA.

  • SCAD Open Studio, 2019, Savannah, GA.

  • Works on Paper,THE HEN HOUSE, Savannah, GA

  • A Grave Affair , The Stables,Savannah,GA. ​


  • SCAD Open Studio Night 2018, Alexander Hall, Savannah, US 

  • DeFine Art, Alexander Hall, Savannah, US